Edinburgh is full of beautiful buildings.  You can’t not see a nice one which ever direction you look, unless you’re looking out over the stunning countryside!  I was on the lookout for the shop on the left in my illustration, but only managed to not miss it because of the lovely window display!  I love how Hannah Zakari has no overbearing shop sign, and just quietly sits in this majestic building next to a lovely artsy book shop.  After experiencing this ‘no sign’ first hand with this lovely shop, I noticed that this was the same on a few buildings around Edinburgh. Perhaps something to do with the buildings they are in?

Take a walk around the back streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town and you’ll find delights like this, along with cafes, businesses and many other darling little shops.  You can then easily loop back round on to Princes Street for a spot of shopping and sightseeing.

I’m planning another trip to Edinburgh so if you have any suggestions of shops, cafes or things to do then please mention it in the comments!

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