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Untapped Cities is powered by a community of 500+ global contributors, passionate about the cities they live in and the ones they travel to. We welcome anyone with a mindset towards urban discovery to join us. Our content is crowdsourced and online, but we offer opportunities to get to know the other contributors in our network through weekly Google Hangouts, live events/tours, workshops and contributor get-togethers in New York City.

Untapped contributors have gone on to write articles for The New York Times (Benjamin Waldman, Sheila Marikar), make films for National Geographic (Ricky Qi, Lynnette Woo), staff writers for Grantland (Rembert Browne) and more. Most importantly, they’ve remained contributors of the Untapped community even as they get well-deserved recognition for their great work.

We believe this is what sets us apart. We care about the quality of our content and the integrity of our contributors. We hold workshops on writing, photography and social media, to help writers and photographers navigate and create in the new world of journalism. We are equally impressed with the content produced by students and hobby writers as we are with the expert practioners among our contributors.

This is because Untapped Cities was formed simply because we wanted to share what makes cities not only vibrant and livable, but also quirky and irreverent. It’s important to us that one of the top searches for Untapped Cities is about being a contributor to the community.

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What makes a great Untapped Cities contributor?

– An eye for looking at cities from unique angles and finding the hidden in the everyday
– A good eye for photography (even with an iPhone!)
– A willingness to try new things
– A global mindset
– A desire to be part of a worldwide community, sharing discoveries and learnings with each other

Check back for our weekly profile on one of our contributors weekly, such as this one on our managing editor, Laura Itzkowitz. Join the Untapped Cities community by contacting us here, we look forward to hearing from you.