This week in the Untapped Cities mailbag, an Untapped reader asked, via Twitter, after reading Ben Huff’s post The Brooklyn Navy Yard & Commandant’s House: Who lived in the Commandant’s House?

The Commandant’s House, or Quarters A as it was formally known, is the oldest surviving structure in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. it is possible that John Thorn, the first officer in charge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard lived there, but there is litle concrete evidence of who its earliest inhabitants were. According to Brownstoner, beginning with Comodore Matthew Perry, who was fundamental in opening up Japan to trade with the West, the Commandant’s House was occupied by all subsequent Commandant’s of the Navy Yard. In, 1964 when the house was sold to a private individual (though who that person is remains a mystery) and was landmarked shorly thereafter.

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