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You’ll probably walk into Aksel Paris at 311 West Broadway thinking that it’s just another Soho fashion store, but a pleasant surprise awaits those who enter—this high-end shirt shop doubles up as an art gallery as well. Be it the Gregory Okshteyn-designed bright orange, 3D-printed, wave-like rack displaying the store’s fine garments, or British artist Saroj Patel’s intricate mural crawling over the store’s walls, one can easily tell that this is not just another Soho shop.

Aksel Paris uses its store space to showcase works by up and coming artists, most recent of which was South Africa-born Jeremy Brown, who displayed his “Love is Art” series in the shop in January. Besides art, the company, whose French-made products have got a lot of praise for their signature style and comfort, is also involved in charity work. For every shirt the store sells, Aksel Paris donates a school uniform to a child in need in South Africa.

For more details on the Aksel Paris store, check out their official site. Details on forthcoming events and art shows at the store can be found through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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