A collective of artists, led by Nick Yulman, are building a giant music box at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris called Concert Hall, which opens on June 20th. This interactive installation is for both music nerds and architectural nerds, as there will be animated suspended accordions and automated glockenspiels, powered by visitors, that automate light and sound fixtures, with the entire built environment is inspired by the cathedrals of Paris.

Nick Yulman will be doing a performance with the installation on June 27th. According to Concert Hall’s organizers, Music box is

…a grand orchestra of kinetic sound sculptures will provide an experience where the spectator moves through an immersive, multi-sensorial space where mechanical music is created before one’s eyes. Designed as a synthesized cathedral-turned-spiralling temple, the installation will be at once modest, grandiose, reactive, and visceral, to be made almost entirely from recycled materials and orphaned objects.

We’re really excited to experience this trippy installation, and as always, are impressed with the curation at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Also check out our article on the re-opening of the museum last year: Super Size It: The Palais de Tokyo (re)opens in Paris

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