Beach House-East Village-Cape Cod-1st Avenue-1st Street-Houston-NYCThe rooftop house on E. 1st and 1st Ave gives new meaning to the phrase “moving on up.” 

Talk about raising the roof! Next time you find yourself strolling around the East Village, stop by the intersection of East 1st Street and First Avenue, and look up. There, perched atop a brick red apartment complex, sits an entire two-story East Coast beach house, complete with horse-topped weathervane, spotted by Nick Carr, of Scouting NY.

We’re not sure how the house got there (perhaps Dorothy is traveling by tornado again? If so, we really like her remodeling), but apparently, there are others like it scattered throughout the city. According to Inhabitat, at least eight full houses (including our curious Cape Cod transplant) adorn the rooftops of NYC. Between W. 77th and W. 78th Streets sits a cute A-frame abode, while on 13th Street and 3rd Avenue, a spacious suburban dwelling sprawls across the entire rooftop of a 4-story building, its chimney reaching high into the sky. Have you seen any high-up homes in your neighborhood? We’re just hoping these aren’t all walk-ups.