What are the chances he’s actually playing Angry Birds?  Spotted on 34th and 8th Avenue

My newest multimillion dollar idea is the invention of a game called Angry Beards. To collect points, you wander around the city of your choice (in beta testing, we’re using New York) and snap photos of angry men with beards. If your Angry Beard doesn’t start chasing you, then you win. If you lose… well, you’re on your own. Revenue details remain hazy, but I’m still in the brainstorming process. Creative minds are at work, okay?

Protip: Angry Beards with perfectly pressed and folded pocket squares are excellent targets, as lunging at you would risk mussing their impeccable attire and/or smashing their iPhones. However, in the case of this particular Beard it seems as though the iPhone might be the source of the Anger so if you smashed it he might thank you. This hypothesis is untested, so if anyone wants to perform this experiment and report back I’d be really grateful. The future of Angry Beards is in your hands.
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