Havemeyer Hall Columbia University exterior Untapped CitiesThe exterior of Havemeyer Hall at Columbia University. Do you recognize it?

If someone asked you to picture a college lecture hall, would the image you come up with look something like this?

Havemeyer Hall Columbia University most filmed classroom Untapped Cities
Havemeyer Hall 309 Columbia University most filmed classroom Untapped Cities
If so, you’ve probably been watching too many movies. This is Columbia University‘s 309 Havemeyer Hall, the most filmed college classroom ever, as reported by Scouting NY and numerous university sites. That’s right–309 Havemeyer has apparently been seen in over a dozen films, including the first three Spider-Man films, Kinsey, and Spike Lee’s Malcolm X
So what makes 309 Havemeyer such a great location? Well, it’s pretty big, seating 330 students on multiple levels and balconies, which gives it a very grand, bright, and open vibe. The wooden desks and seats add a bit of darkness and character to the room, allowing for great contrast. And, of course, the room is in New York, so it’s convenient for films that are set in the area.
Havemeyer, whose exterior is also prominently featured in films like Ghostbusters, houses the university’s chemistry department. Thus, the large lecture hall is most often used for General Chemistry, which is not nearly as sexy as radioactive spiders, paranormal visitors, or, well, sex. Still, it’s exciting to predict when we’ll next see 309 Havemeyer on the big or small screen. The newest Spider-Man? Girls? The possibilities are endless!
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