Untapped-Cities-Scale-Comparison-Map-Manhattan-1Manhattan visits Chicago

It’s Fourth of July weekend and Manhattanites are fleeing the city in search peace and quiet, clean air, and fireworks with reasonably accessible bathroom options. But what if the city itself took a long weekend for travel? Where would Manhattan go on vacation? Bill Rankin, the cartographer behind RadicalCartography.net, gives us some ideas… which also happen to serve as surprising and compelling scale comparisons.

Rankin’s own description of his maps comments on the strange effects of these comparisons:

Inspired a bit by Rem Koolhaas’s Floating Pool project, I wondered what would happen if Manhattan itself decided to take a tour of the oceans, stopping at other cities to refuel and have a good time. Overwhelmed by Los Angeles’ vastness, Manhattan decides to stay offshore, while it snuggles in close and completely overwhelms Boston (and inadvertently obliterates Logan airport).

Untapped-Cities-Scale-Comparison-Map-Manhattan-3Manhattan visits San Francisco

Radical Cartography-Manhattan-BostonManhattan visits Boston

Manhattan visits Los Angeles

Untapped-Cities-Scale-Comparison-Map-Manhattan-4Manhattan visits Door County, Wisconsin

Untapped-Cities-Scale-Comparison-Map-Manhattan-6Manhattan visits Philadelphia

For more of Bill Rankin’s maps visit RadicalCartography.net.

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One thought on “Weekly Map: Manhattan Takes a Vacation to Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles

  1. I did this when moving to France to get a sense of how Paris “feels” in size compared to New York. I think that people think of their cities not in terms of distances but in terms of travel time (“my work is 30 minutes away”, “my favourite grocery store is 15 minutes away”…) It helped give me a sense of the size of Paris by understanding it in relation to the size of New York. I now know that getting across Paris is essentially the same as going from West End to York twice.

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