This morning he went to le BHV, as known as Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville. The basement of the legendary Parisian store is famous for its hardware and DIY department. He bought a long bolt cutter before taking a Velib’ (the precursor of the New York CitiBike) and riding along the rue de Rivoli towards the Pont des Arts.

It was there that three months ago he had hung a “love lock” symbolizing all his feelings for this sweet girl he met shortly before. This bridge is indeed a mecca of kitsch Parisian romance * and its mesh guardrails are completely covered with these outdated promises of eternity written with permanent marker. 

But now, he’s about to take some deserved holidays in southern Europe. And he does not want to feel his heart held back in Paris while he’s trying to enjoy himself on the Mediterranean shores, surrounded by  multi-coloured bikinis.

Love is freedom!

It’s without regret that he’s about to cut this padlock that prevents him from fully living his life. And, as he knows what it means to be a gentleman, he will text his now ex-girlfriend to tell her it’s all over, before boarding his flight.

The holidays can finally begin.

And in case he might have promising encounters during his trip, he also bought a few new locks in advance at le BHV. You never know.


* But also a mecca of binge drinking, when night comes.

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