Subway Entrance Station to Nowhere-7 Line-Main Street-Flushing Times Square-Extension-West Side 57th-10thPhoto by Rembert Browne

Recently, we reported on the staircase to nowhere in Riverside Park. Today, we present to you the subway entrance to nowhere. This Banksy-like find was discovered by Rembert Browne last year on 57th Street and 10th Avenue, nowhere near the 7 line.

The 7 Line extension is coming to the west side however (across 42nd Street, turning south on 11th Avenue along the Javits Center to 34th Street), and at the time we surmised it might have been a temporary storage spot for an entrance. It wasn’t even at the end of the block, but almost mid-block. But two Untapped readers solved the mystery! One thought it may have been part of a movie set and another one confirmed that it was for Law and Order SVU, who watched the filming from her window. There have been other incidents of rogue subway stations to nowhere, as seen in the Boardwalk Empire set on Monroe Street in Downtown Brooklyn:

Brooklyn’s Nevins Street, when it appeared on the Bowery:

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