5 Pointz-Graffiti-Long Island City-Queens-NYC-009

5 Pointz was buzzing this past weekend with a cross-section of tourists and New Yorkers taking in the Long Island City graffiti haven following the recent announcement of its redevelopment into skyscrapers. We overheard one person of the 5 Pointz community saying quite adamantly that they “weren’t going anywhere.” There is one piece of street art at 5 Pointz that really captured the mood at this latest casualty in the  gentrification battle in New York City.

The title was “Fressen and Gefressen Werden,” German for “Eat and Be Eaten.” Fitting for this piece which features six creatures, each eating the next with the final consumption being a man with business suit and briefcase who has just lost hold of his coffee pot. Just in this artwork perhaps, man is at the bottom of the food chain.

5 Pointz-Graffiti-Long Island City-Queens-NYC-019

5 Pointz-Graffiti-Long Island City-Queens-NYC-20

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