2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-NY Hall of Science-Corona Park-Queens-NYC

Science is serious business. NASA doesn’t just let any monkey fly its rockets. You’ve got to be a specially trained, top notch chimp with the right stuff if you want to ride that Mercury-Redstone rocket they’ve got sitting at the New York Hall of Science in Corona, Queens. But if you want science without the starch, the Hall of Science hosts an annual Maker Faire for those who build things that you didn’t even know you needed. If you missed it, don’t worry, there’s a mini Maker Faire somewhere in the country every weekend. Here are 10 fun gadgets we found this year:

1.This 3-wheeled electromotorizedraceamajobber, or the Baltimore Burners Go Karts. Or, if you’re “safety conscious” its 4-wheeled buddy.

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-001

2. This networked, internet browsing TI 84 calculator

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-002

3. This handheld four-bladed super awesome opensource UAV and its Go-Pro toting big brother

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-003

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-009

4. You don’t even know what this is, but you really, really need to touch it. It lives in the 3D printer village.

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-004

5. These NASA developed hand-operated gloves for solving rubix cubes

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-005

6. An electric powered skateboard. You can really buy this. It’s made in California and costs $649.

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-006

7. This Lego Apple Store with Chewbacca minifigurine

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-007

8. This ridiculously awful sounding violabrella. It’s used by hikers to keep the rain off and repel bears.

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-008

9. This voice assisted binary-output decision making computertron

2013-NYC-Maker Faire-Inventions-010

10. This retrofuturistic beatboxing oscilloscope

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