Katz's Deli-Lower East Side-The Space-Gallery-NYC

The space next to Katz’s Deli in the Lower East Side is going to become a pop-up gallery dedicated to “deli-inspired” pieces. How great is that? We’re also excited because we’re still lamenting the transition of the same storefront from grimy bodega (with the monobrowed employee) to Tim Horton’s. The pop-up will be run by Katz’s, keeping things local and keeping out the Big Box, for now.

According to the email announcement from Jack Dell, who’s in charge of Katz’s:

In this way, The Space will serve as a tribute not just to the restaurant’s past and present connection to the neighborhood, but to the people who continue to live, work, and create art in all its forms right here on the Lower East Side.

Curation will rotate monthly (all deli oriented of course). Can’t wait to see some pastrami art! Follow the updates on Katz’s Twitter and Facebook. Opening party is October 22nd. More info at Bowery Boogie and the LowDown.