9. The Biltmore is full of ghost stories

Biltmore Hotel facade Downtown LA Untapped Cities

Rumor has it that there’s the ghost of a nurse on the second floor and a little girl’s ghost running on the ninth floor. The famous yogi, Paramhansa YoganandaPlus, died after collapsing in the former music room of the hotel, which is now the lobby. Plus during WWII, the Biltmore was full of soldiers passing through on their way to or from the Pacific front.

The Biltmore might be haunted to some extent, but as Frank Young from the Millenium Hotel clarified for us, “There are no rooms that we won’t sell due to complaints about ‘supernatural’ occurrences. On nights when we are sold out, all 683 rooms are occupied.” He also tells us that the second floor is now an office space for NationalBuilder, with no ghosts as of yet.