2. 667 Madison Avenue

Statue of Liberty-667 Madison Avenue-NY-Paris

Located in front of 667 Madison Avenue is bronze Statue of Liberty that was cast from the original mold. It was purchased by  Leonard Stern for over one million dollars. Mr. Stern is the chairman of The Hartz Group, which owns 667 Madison.

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8 thoughts on “10 Statue of Liberty Replicas in NYC and Paris

  1. I remember reading quite awhile ago there were other replicas. I know remember the one on Madison Av. . I probably walked by it with out remembering it. There is another unofficial replica. It is in front of a souvenir store on the corner just below where the Carnegie Deli was before it closed it’s original location.

  2. there’s anoter rooftop statue similar to the one on 161st street in LIC on 46 rd between 11 st and 21 st

  3. Nice write up, but I’m hearing that you guys are lifting photos from other sites without checking with the photographer. That’s not cool. Is that your standard practice? I see you took the time to put a copyright symbol on some of them, which implies that you do understand copyrighting… i think you should be more respectful.

    1. Hi Alex, these photos with copyright are all taken by our staff (Benjamin and myself). As a policy we use our own photos or Creative Commons images. Since we are a crowdsourced publication there have been images in the past where this has occurred and we have been taking steps to rectify that among our contributors as it should not be acceptable.

      1. Thanks, Michelle, I’m glad that to hear that you have a proper policy

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