Pershing Square Title Guarantee Building Downtown LA Untapped Cities

Although the thought of walking the streets of Downtown Los Angeles may seem foreign to most Angelenos, the expanding metro rail is making it easier for residents to get around the city. In the past ten years Downtown Los Angeles has seen substantial changes to its urban fabric leading to increased pedestrian activity and surprising economic investment.

Recent proposals for the historic downtown district include over a dozen mixed-use towers ranging from twenty to seventy-five stories. The hope is that these new high-rise projects will increase density, promote walkability and introduce a mixture of commercial and residential activity into the once depleted downtown. The thirteen downtown projects account for over half of the twenty-seven new high-rise buildings being proposed throughout the city. Downtown Los Angeles is leading the way in the recent boom of economic activity due, in large part, to the presence of the five converging metro lines that service the area. 

LA_Developments&Rail_ExtensionsRail Line Extensions Prompt New Development

A majority of the proposed high-rise developments seem to be following a pattern of transit-oriented development, with new projects strategically located in close proximity to existing rail lines. In fact, twenty out of the twenty-seven proposed locations for future developments are within a ten to fifteen minute walk of an existing or future metro station.

Subway Terminal Building lobby Downtown LA Untapped CitiesLA’s only underground subway station was converted into luxury condos.

Mapping the proposed high-rise buildings reveals three main hubs of development: Downtown L.A., Hollywood and Century City. Examining these three neighborhoods reveals that new developments are following and anticipating the growth of the L.A. Metro Rail. The rapid expansion of existing rail lines towards Santa Monica and Beverly Hills has also enticed developers to locate projects adjacent to future metro stops.

Downtown_LA_StationsDowntown L.A. High-Rise Proposed Locations

Taking a closer look at the proposed locations of these projects demonstrates the vital role the Los Angeles Metro Rail has played in attracting economic investment to the city. This geographic analysis reveals how the expansion of the rail network is contributing and, in some cases, prompting investment throughout the city.  The L.A. Metro Rail is shaping the future of Los Angeles by increasing pedestrian activity and promoting an explosion of high-density projects unmatched by anything in the  sprawling city’s history.

LA_DevelopomentHubsHigh-Rise Development Hubs

For more information about these  projects  check out the interactive presentation.