Santa Tracker-Google-December 2013-Elf Village-North Pole-Map-2

Google, responsible for such quirky things as the interactive doodles, has a “Santa Tracker” this month. On Christmas Eve, Santa’s technologically advanced dashboard (powered by Google, of course) that enables him to get around the world in one night will be unveiled. You’ll be able follow Santa’s progress around the world as he uses the “latest and greatest in Google Maps technology and sleigh engineering.” By downloading various plugins, you’ll have an enhanced experience. With Google Earth you can follow Santa around the world in 3D, for example. With its informational mission, Google hasn’t forgotten about good old fashion learning either. You can also learn about the stops along the route.

Santa Tracker-Google-December 2013-Elf Village-North Pole-Map-6

Meanwhile, all this month visitors have been able to play games in Santa’s village with the elves. The narrative about the village goes something like this: Santa went on vacation on a remote island and the village got covered in ice. The eleves are breaking away one building from the ice each day, which unlocks some festive scenes and games.

Santa Tracker-Google-December 2013-Elf Village-North Pole-Map-3

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