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In Paris, between St. Paul in the Marais and Bastille, is the apartment where Jim Morrison supposedly died in 1971 at the age of 27, according to official reports. Located at 17 rue Beautreillis, the Hausmannian-style apartment facade stands out amidst the the buildings on this street, which date from an earlier time period. Morrison shared the third floor apartment (American 4th floor) with his girlfriend Pamela Courson, whose official police report of the evening had them going to the movies and returning home. In the middle of the night, Morrison awoke coughing and took a bath, where Courson found him dead. Official cause listed on the death certificate is heart failure.

Jim Morrison Death-Paris Apartment-Marais-17 Rue Beautrellis_2The actual apartment is two floors above the curved stained glass window

Fans have long doubted this version, and alternate stories abound ranging from conspiracy theory, murder, to faking his own death. In 2007, Sam Bernett, a former New York Times Journalist and friend of Morrison’s wrote in his book  The End – Jim Morrison that the singer actually died from a heroin overdose in a bathroom stall of the Left Bank Nightclub, Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus. The club owners wanted to avoid a scandal, so authorities were not called and the body was moved to the apartment.

More photos of the apartment building:

Jim Morrison Death-Paris Apartment-Marais-17 Rue Beautrellis_4Entrance

Jim Morrison Death-Paris Apartment-Marais-17 Rue Beautrellis_1Interior Courtyard

Jim Morrison Death-Paris Apartment-Marais-17 Rue Beautrellis_5Front Entrance

Jim Morrison Death-Paris Apartment-Marais-17 Rue Beautrellis_3Interior Courtyard with unique curved window

Jim Morrison Death-Paris Apartment-Marais-17 Rue Beautrellis_7Remnant of an art piece on the exterior

Morrison is buried in Père Lachaise cemetery and his grave is a popular destination for tourists and fans. The building at 17 rue Beautreillis is private and not open to the public.

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  1. MacKenzieLeigh Homan Reply

    Yeah what did she say………I was just told i have 6 months and it gives all his songs, life, and death a totally different viewing on it……..I honestly can see now what he was talking about……..scarey huh?? Makes me want to say f it I’m f*ing dying anyway and do exactly like him at least there wont be anymore pain like he thought too.

  2. I did exactly that the other day on my visit to Paris, a resident entered the building and the door stayed open for a few seconds allowing me to go in and have a look around. I made it as far as the courtyard before the little old lady caught me and asked me to leave. She wouldn’t talk to me when I asked her about Jim! So just beware, the people living there probably get plenty of Jim tourists and get a bit tired of it!

    • Was it the little old lady in the flat on the right hand side as you walk into the courtyard? She may have been in a good mood when we saw her.

    • michelle young Reply

      Hi Joanne, the apartments are indeed private. Would you be so kind as to excerpt the article with linkback to full piece, instead of posting in full? It’s our usual policy and posting the exact won’t be good for your site’s SEO as you’ll be flagged by Google as having duplicate content. Thanks!

  3. It may not be open to the public but, if you hang around the front door long enough somebody is bound to come out and you can then get inside the foyer. As long as your quiet and quick nobody will say anything I’ve never had any problems doing this and even had a chat with a little old lady who lives on the ground floor on the left hand side of the courtyard who claims to have seen Jim coming and going in the evenings.

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