Martin Scorsese’s newest film, The Wolf Of Wall Street follows the life of the extravagant self-made stock broker Jordan Belfort who flourished  (and fell) on Wall Street. While there has been debate over the authenticity of the film, which is closely based on Belfort’s autobiography of the same name, the over-the-top story makes for great film locations in New York City and the surrounding region. Here’s a look at the locations at which some of the iconic moments where shot.

1. Nassau Street, next to New York Stock Exchange

According to The Daily News, director Martin Scorsese was behind the camera on Nassau Street, right near the New York Stock Exchange. Belfort gets off a typical blue and white New York bus with “Wall Street” on its banner. This iconic landmark has endured its share of chaos–market crashes, bombings, recessions, Occupy movements–in its years as the financial center of New York. The history of Wall Street is an interesting one, its name a tribute to the Dutch wall that once stood in the seventeenth century as protection from hostile British and Native Americans. That Dutch fortification almost wasn’t built, however, because of a few unruly residents: a herd of persistent pigs.

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