New York City is home to numerous world-famous museums but if you need a break from classics like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the MOMA, do check out some of the City’s smaller, off the beaten path museums. In the previous installment of this series, we rounded up unique house museums in the BronxManhattan and Queens. Today, we look at some gems on Staten Island.

1. Alice Austen House

Photo courtesy Alice Austen House by Floto + Warner, Clear Comfort, 2015,  © Floto + Warner

The Alice Austen House is a Dutch farmhouse constructed in the 1690s. In 1844, Alice’s grandfather, John Haggerty Austen, purchased the estate and renamed it Clear Comfort. He restored and renovated the house and landscaped its grounds. Alice grew up at Clear Comfort and it was there that she discovered her passion and talent for photography. In 1975, the City purchased the house and grounds. They were once again restored and opened to the public as a museum. Today, Clear Comfort is a member of the Historic House Trust of New York.

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One thought on “5 Historic Houses Converted into Museums on Staten Island

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