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Yoav Litvin, a New York City photographer and writer, has documented the competitive and thriving street art scene here in the city for the last couple of years. Going further than just documentation, he also meets with the artists who have made New York City one of the premier cities for street art. 

The book Outdoor Gallery – NYC features over 40 artists both native to New York City and from around the world, who have become part of the NYC street art scene. Some of these artists include Royce Bannon, Gilf!, Bishop 203, ASVP, Elle Deadsez, Enzo & Nio, Jilly Ballistic, ND’A, LNY, Shiro, The Yok, Sofia Maldonado, Chris RWK, Veng RWK, El Sol 25 and many more. The photos featured in the book come with minimal or no commentary from the author, who choose to  let the art and the artists featured speak for themselves.

Untapped Cities-Christopher Inoa-Outdoor Gallery-NYC-Yoav Lithim-Army of One-Jef Champion-Street Art-Brooklyn

In celebration of the release of Outdoor Gallery – NYC, Yoav and street artist Royce Bannon are curating an art event on Saturday, February 22nd, featuring works from the artists featured in the book, new videos from the people at Dega Films, and a tribute to Jef Campion a.k.a Army of One, street artist and 9/11 first responder who is no longer with us.

The event will take place at 17 Frost Street in Williamsburg from 6-11 pm. Many of the street artists featured in the book will be in attendance.

Contact the author @TatteredFedora to know which street artist in the book he has tried to hit on at previous art events.