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On the list of things needed to survive in NYC, a go-to barbershop is essential. You never want to be that person who goes to that really buzzed about art event, or that big job interview without a proper haircut. Every neighborhood in the city has barbershops, so they are never hard to find. However, to find the right barbershop for you—professional, convenient and most importantly, affordable—is more of a mission.

Tomcats Barbershop, over on 135 India Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, fits all the criteria, as they specialize in classic styles, without charging you the kind of money you normally see in other high-class barbershops in NYC. 

Tomcats can do contemporary styles, but is well known among people want to come out looking like Don Draper. The shop has gained a lot of press in recent years, thanks to the popularity of shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, whose cast members walk through the bright red door for cuts whenever they are filming in Brooklyn.

Tomcats Babershop-Barbershops-Brooklyn-Greenpoint-NYC-Untapped Cities-Christopher L Inoa

The haircuts are not the only thing inspired by the baby boomer generation. The overall look of the shop is retro, like walking into a Norman Rockwell painting. Two of the three owners, Alex and Renee Melnichenko, used to run a motorcycle repair shop, with Joey Covington helping Alex with Japanese machinery. When they had to close up shop a few years ago, they decided to open Tomcats in Greenpoint.

After two years in business, the shop became so popular they moved from their small shop on India Street, to the larger space they occupy today. The shop now has a steady clientele of curious people wanting to try something new and loyal customers who keep coming back for the classic cuts and lively conversation with the barbers.

Something else that makes Tomcats stand out among the seemingly unlimited number of barbershops in NYC is the beer given to you while you wait. It’s PBR, but affordable cuts and free beer is one of the best deals you will find in NYC. The shop also has a wide collection of classic pomade, so no need for cheap hair gel that flakes or makes your hair feel like it weighs a ton.

The next time you’ve got a big date, or want to finally get that haircut you have been delaying all winter, get to Greenpoint for one of the best classic cuts you can get in NYC. We suggest you call and make an appointment, since Tomcats does not take walk-ins.

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