NYC-Empire State Building-Chrysler Buildng-Statue of Liberty-Bank of America Building-Washington Sqaure Park-Guggenheim Museum-One WTC-Three WTC-NYC-Graphic Design-Untapped CiShapes of Cities: NYC by Yoni Alter (Photo Via Shapes of Cities)

NYC has never looked more colorful thanks to this screenprint by London based graphic artist Yoni Alter. The print is a part of an ongoing series titled Shapes of Cities, which focuses on different major cities around the world. The series shows the scale of the biggest and most historic buildings of a certain city and by using bold, colorful imagery, shows them accurate to scale.

The NYC screenprint features some of the most famous and historic buildings in the world. Renowned landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are present. Classic architectural achievements like the Guggenheim Museum and the arch in Washington Square Park can be seen at the bottom left of the screenprint. This screenprint also features the two newest entries to the famous NYC skyline: the not yet completed 3 WTC  and the tallest building in the U.S (that’s right Chicago!) 1 WTC—proudly centered in bold pink and orange.

Yoni Alter-Colossal NYC

Alter also has a piece called Colossal NYC which shows NYC’s skyscrapers to scale and ordered chronologically.

Other cities in Yoni’s collection include Chicago, San Francisco, LA, London and many more. To see more work from the artist, just head over to his website .

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