1. Crack is Wack, Harlem

Keith Haring Crack is Wack Mural FDR Drive 128th Street Harlem NYC Untapped Cities

Haring painted this huge mural on the handball court at East 128th Street and Harlem River Drive in 1986 as response to the city-wide crack-cocaine epidemic of the late ’80s. Though Haring painted it without city permission, it was quickly put under the protection of the Parks Department, which has conserved it and restored it in 2007. “Crack is Wack” is one of Haring’s most easily accessible public works.

Updated: Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack mural will not be available for viewing during reconstruction of the Harlem River Drive, expected to be completed by the end of 2019.  It is currently enclosed by a protective shelter.