Pomander Walk on the Upper West Side

Strolling through certain streets or areas of NYC, you might feel suddenly transported to an older time. From an old world fishing village in the Bronx, to back houses transformed into luxury mansions in the West Village, the following areas capture the essence of a different period of NYC. While some, like City Island Fishing Village stand as microcosms, others are literally side-by-side with modern skyscrapers.

1. City Island, Fishing Village in the Bronx

In the far depths of the Bronx, a small island entitled City Island lies just off Pelham Parkway. Scouting New York just published a piece about the unique village, documenting this anomaly in the city. More in line with a small town on Cape Cod, City Island is indeed a picturesque fishing village–from docks full of colorful fishing boats to a white steepled church. Pizza and bagel joints of the rest of the city are replaced by lobster and fish shacks, while Duane Reade stores are replaced by bait and tackle shacks. City Island has an old world feel, where life slows down to a fisherman’s pace and bikes are as common as cars.