Oh, spring. A beautiful time of blooming flowers begetting snot-filled noses, and there is not an uncuffed trouser leg in all of New York City. Bare ankles are flying around all willy-nilly and it is a SCANDAL. 


Rolled-up pant legs are an excellent way to show off your shoes, which is very exciting after a winter of Uggs and snow-stompers and an early spring sloshing through puddles with Wellingtons. Also, something about cuffs evokes a sort of puckish charm—I think it’s because everyone looks faintly ridiculous, like we’re all preparing for a flood or about to hop on our CitiBikes and coast away. Feeling wind on my ankles triggers some kind of impulse in my brain to play hooky from work in order to sit in the park all afternoon. How can you possibly be serious about anything when the weather is nice and your pants are rolled halfway up your shins?

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