Looking up, we noticed a preponderance of owls around New York City. Given the owl’s mythological and symbolic connection to wisdom, it’s not surprising to find them at the city’s institutions. Below are some notable owls we’ve spotted so far- what other owls can you add to the list?

1. Alma Mater at Columbia University

The Alma Mater statue sits imposingly at the foot of Columbia University‘s Low Library. Student legend has it that the first student in each incoming class to spot the owl hiding in the folds of the statue will be the valedictorian of the class.

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3 thoughts on “Spot the 5 Owls of NYC

  1. Some of the plastic looking owls are obviously placed there to frighten off pigeons.( 719 Greenwich and on the Standard Oil building) Pigeons will rest on ledges and leave poop all over the place. Notice the spikes next to the owl on the 719 building.

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