Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? This weekend is your chance to get free money in NYC: on Saturday, Hidden Cash (aka Jason Buzi), a San-Francisco based investor, and his friends will come to New York City to leave cash in envelopes all around the city. Via @HiddenCash on Twitter, Jason and his team will be posting clues as to where these envelopes are.

HiddenCash has already been leaving cash all over California, to a total of $10,000 to $15,000, as a way to give back to communities. They call it an “an anonymous social experience for good.” Indeed, the project was running 100% anonymously until a week ago when Buzi was outed by the media. He responded in kind with a letter on TwitLonger.

The money thus far is predominantly from what Buzi himself has made in real estate, but other successful friends have followed suit. An underlying message in his mission is to encourage others not to lose hope. He says, “I know what it’s like to struggle financially. I have been there too, more than once.”  He continues, “This is not about money. It has always been about a fun way to bring people together and give back, and put smiles on people’s faces. Nothing more, nothing less.”

After California, Hidden Cash decided to move nationally with Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and New York City in the initial plan, along with one international destination: Mexico City.

Jason reminds the public not to get their hopes too high about HiddenCash–that it’s a scavenger hunt, which means that he and his team can’t send money to specific individuals.

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