Here’s a global street art project you’ve probably never heard of (pun intended). Similar to Aram Bartholl’s offline file sharing project Dead Drops, Ear and There allows people from across the world to share the (odd) experience of latching giant ear moldings on different locations across the globe. This project was conceived only a few months ago but there have already been over 170 ears placed around the world, according to the founder. You can also join the project yourself by acquiring an ear through their website to place on a location near you.

Why exactly are people placing giant ears in different locations around the world, you may ask? Well, the world may never know. When we got in contact with the creators of this project, whose emails were simply signed Ear and There, they were very cryptic when asked about the intentions behind the project. According to them, “There are of course personal reasons that lead me to carry out this project but I don’t find relevant to tell them.” On the other hand, they did reveal that the ears in question are molded after his or her right ear. They did also inform us that, overall, “there is no proper purpose. People can understand it in their own way.”

You can be a part of this worldwide phenomenon by ordering an ear (free of charge) from the Ear and There website, where you can also check out photos of the 36 countries where the ears are place which include locations as far removed as Lebanon, China, and many different locations across the United States.

If you are interested in this project, you may also be interested in our interview with the creator of an offline filesharing street art project called the Dead Drops Project.

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