Washington Mews, now a part of NYU 

The West Village’s curving and twisting streets lend itself well to many small alleys that are either hidden or extremely subtle. These small alley ways and courtyards and unique to the West Village and there is no concentration of them as great as in this area.  There are also countless beautiful private streets, many lined with houses originally built as stables for the grandiose townhouses in the area.

6. Milligan Place

As quaint as the courtyard at Milligan Place is the cast-iron doorway that marks it, with the words Milligan Place in script. The entrance is squashed between two buildings on 6th Avenue, near 10th Street, and has only four buildings inside, originally built as working class boarding houses for Basque waiters. It was famously the home of playwright Eugene O’Neill, and George Cram Cook, founder of the Provincetown Players.

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One thought on “6 Hidden Alleys and Small Private Streets in NYC’s Greenwich Village

  1. For decades, Patchin Place was guarded by a unique bishop’s-crook lamppost that lacked its filigree but had its t-pole for inspectors and maintenance men to place their ladders and climb to the top. When it was knocked down by a truck, the neighboring Jefferson Market Library took the old pole and propped it back up with a new light to illuminate its delivery area. A “retro” pole now guards the intersection.

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