Before they hit the court to take on the Miami Heat, the Brooklyn Nets (who took part in a major political statement last week) decided to make a pay respects to a fallen fan last night at Barclays Center. Along with a video tribute, every member of the Nets wore a shirt with the name ‘Gamberlo’ and the number 44 on the back. This was in tribute to fallen fan Jefferey Vanchiro a.k.a Jeffrey ‘Korn’ Gamblero. The graffiti artist and former professional poker player sadly passed away last weekend, setting shockwaves through the NYC art scene.

All over Instagram, twitter and various NYC-centric blogs, tributes have come from his fans, friends and contemporaries. There were those who knew him as Korn: a member of the well-respected Queens graffiti outfit Smart Crew. He was known as ‘Jeffrey Gamblero’ a nickname he picked up while playing professional poker. Others knew him as the neon color wearing super-fan of the Brooklyn Nets. He was profiled in the New York Times for his funny antics and stand out game day outfits. The numbers of the shirts honoring were all in different shades of neon, with Deron Williams, the Nets point guard and star player wearing neon sneakers in tribute to Vinchiro.

Tributes to the fallen graff writer have not only sprung up on the court but on the streets of New York City. This Ad Takeover was spotted in the LES yesterday afternoon and before the game last night, Animal New York dropped a post, showing a mural dedicated to Vanchiro made by 5 Pointz artists Meres One, See TF and REMIXS. These are two of what we expect will be many tributes to Korn, soon to start popping up around the city in the next couple of weeks.

We will keep you updated on the continued tributes to Vanchiro. We send our condolences to the friends and family of Jeffrey Vanchiro, and to everyone who knew him through his art, his poker playing or his time inside the Barclays Center.

R.I.P Korn

If anyone has any info on new tributes to Korn, contact the author @ChrisLInoa