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You may not have heard of Amadeus, but you’ve definitely used the company’s technology while searching for travel plans. Amadeus powers the booking engines of many of the world’s leading airlines and travel companies and now they’re providing these same technological tools directly to the consumer with the website Instead of the typical drop down search process, Amadeus lets you fill in the blanks with what you are looking for, just like writing a sentence. There are some neat tools, like semantic search, where you can fill in activities (like art, skiing or fooding), location and time of year and it will match with flight plans. It’s just in beta phase right now but there are hoping users like you can help test out the site. Beta Website-Untapped Cities-Sponsored Article-3

You can also search more directly (but also filling out a sentence), with destinations, length of stay, when you’re leaving and flight class. In inspiration search, you can be looser like “Find suggestions to do Trekking in Peru.” For those that want to default to the old way of search, click traditional search and you’ll get the drop downs and calendars. Beta Website-Untapped Cities-Sponsored Article-7

We tested out “Find destinations to do art in France in Fall“, after all we have an whole article about Paris in the fall! It showed us that October would be the cheapest time to travel, with flights to Paris at just $516 and to Toulouse at $702. There are even weather forecasts and tags to show other destinations related to art. Once you click on an option, it will show you flights in three categories: most popular, fastest and cheapest. Beta Website-Untapped Cities-Sponsored Article-5 Beta Website-Untapped Cities-Sponsored Article-9

Once you’ve done your search, you can add it to plans. Users can choose to make their plans public, viewable and searchable under the inspiration search. You can also start by creating a travel plan directly. Beta Website-Untapped Cities-Sponsored Article-011

Check out the site here, but be patient, as Amadeus is still working out the kinks in this beta site. There are useful trip planning tools like a World Clock, currency converter, measurement converter, subway maps, dialing codes, and airport guides all on this page. Figure out a 2015 travel plan and a new way with!

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