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One of New York City’s most beloved buildings is the Flatiron Building. Though never one of the tallest buildings in the city, it was nonetheless revolutionary in its own way due to its construction method. Here are some fun facts not commonly known about the iconic building.

10. There are Art Exhibitions in “The Prow” of The Flatiron Building

Photo via Flickr by ccho

There are regular installations in the glass Flatiron Prow Art Space, sponsored by Sprint. In 2013, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks was recreated there. Most recently, 50 steel helmets from the Vietnam War hung as part of Eyes on the Ground. Artist Hu Bing is now on display there.

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10 Responses
  1. critics thought this building didn’t deserve to be in the city???
    I think it’ s in the top 3 of the cities best!

    good thing the critics didn’t see that ugly thing on park ave!
    is it too late to take that thing down???

  2. Steve Richardson Reply

    Good article. It has given my daughter some leads and a starting point for her end of year school project.

  3. The bouncing characteristic of the elevators, exacerbated by a poorly trained operator who descended rapidly, then reversed direction quickly, and who carelessly left open the safety cage, possibly because it was defective, caused the death of my great-aunt Salina “Lina” Schoonmaker on June 7, 1909.

  4. Matthew Hall Reply

    Thanks for this entry – my favorite (still standing) building in the city! What a beauty. Enjoyed the secrets!

    • michelle young Reply

      The paragraph I wrote states that Burnham was the architect. It’s named after Fuller, who developed steel construction. In actuality, designer Frederick P. Dinkelberg was more involved in the building.

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