The Museum at Eldridge Street.

Come discover the history, architecture and the magical sanctuary of the landmarked Eldridge Street Synagogue, a beautiful house of worship built by Eastern European immigrants in America, in an After Hours Tour and Wine Reception run by the Museum at Eldridge Street. The tour will take place on 12th March, 2015 at 6:30 pm, and while it’s not an official Untapped Cities event, Untapped Cities readers can use code “ESAH” for a special 50% discount on tickets. Click here to buy tickets. The tour promises to lead attendees down secret architectural and historical paths in the Synagogue.

In the breathtaking National Historic Landmark, step into the footsteps of the synagogue’s immigrant founders who finally got to celebrate their religion gloriously and openly in the free land of America. Swap historical facts and quirky architectural detail over vintage cocktails and wine. Be on the lookout for the parts of unrestored lath and plaster in the building’s balcony which reveal how the building is put together, with brick, lath, plaster, even pieces of horse-hair, used to bind the plaster.

After the tour, be prepared to deliver a bar or bat mitzvah speech, learn Yiddish insults, compliments, and pick up lines and stargaze in the synagogue’s historic main sanctuary.
You may also recognize the synagogue for its cameo in the hit NBC show The Blacklist. Join us for upcoming Untapped Cities tours and events like a speakeasy tour, a tour of the landmarked, off-limits Woolworth Building and a tasting and tour at Industry City Distillery.