Bushwick Collective, Troutman Street, Brooklyn 3

We’ve been following the development of Sketchfab for a while, a YouTube of sorts for 3D objects (they were even nice enough to 3D scan the Untapped Cities team in December). We’ve also been noticing a good number of 3D street art scans pop up in the database, particularly in New York City, which is a great addition to Sketchfab’s existing institutional partnerships with museums like Cooper-Hewitt and British Museum to 3D scan their collections.

What makes the Sketchfab scans unique to say, the Google Street Art Project is the ability to see how street art is applied and adapted to the three-dimensional street. The collection in New York City highlights the Bushwick Collective‘s work in Brooklyn along with some other pieces like one of Karl Lagerfeld.

Bushwick Collective, Troutman Street, Brooklyn

Sketchfab founder Alban Denoyel tell us, “Street art takes the street as a canvas, and the street is not 2D like a canvas. With 3D scanning tech, you can now capture the world in 3D, and Sketchfab lets you discover art and street art in 3D, a version that is much closer to what it actually looks like in real life.”

NYC Street Art — Karl Lagerfeld

The below piece in Paris by artist Gregos, who creates replicas of his face and glues them to walls, shows how 3D scanning can give viewers a better idea of what a work of art looks like live. When you rotate the object, you can see how the face protrudes from the surface of the wall.

Gregos Face, rue de Rivoli

Bushwick Collective Troutman Street-Sketchfab 3D Scan-NYC.png

Next, See another great tool for street art with the Google Street Art Project and see our archive of the top 5 street art pieces in NYC each month. Get in touch with the author @untappedmich.