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There is a new shop in Williamsburg devoted completely to selling hot sauce. Heatonist is for all of us who need our food as spicy as possible and revel in the collection of hot sauces (more than a row of the Untapped Cities HQ fridge is just hot sauce). This past weekend, we went to the opening party of Heatonist, where hot sauce enthusiasts can come and taste a very wide variety of sauces, ranging from mild to hottest.

Talking with one of the founders of Heatonist, Noah Chaimberg, we found that the idea behind the shop was to help local people (and local businesses) diversify their hot sauce offerings. Tabasco sauce just doesn’t cut it for some and those are the types that Heatonist is hoping to appeal to. At the party, we tried about sauces made locally here in New York City and others from different parts of the country. There were sauces that were sweet, tangy, mild and really hot. Some sauces took longer to kick in, but as hot sauce lovers ourselves, we were more than up for the heat. Thankfully, the guys didn’t skip out on having beverages on hand to prepare tasters for the next challenge.

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The shop has a rather large back space, which Noah said will be used for events throughout the year. Art galleries, food tasting events and more will be planned for the shop’s backyard (which has a fire pit for BBQs and more!).

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Heatonist is now open and located at 12 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg. Heatonist is one of many shops in the city that only sell one thing. Check out the shop in the East Village that only sells pencils and, if you’ree feeling a little hungry, check out the shop in Greenwich that only sells oatmeal.

His taste-buds are dancing, or dying, he can’t tell which. To enjoy massive amounts of hot sauce on eggs and bacon, contact the author @ChrisLInoa