Green Roof-Barclays Center-NYC

The 135,000 square foot green roof atop Brooklyn’s Barclays Center is taking shape (despite an extensive delay) and we recently got a nice note from our friends at Architects Newspaper that they got an exclusive look at the construction. In the video, Linda Chiarelli, Deputy Director of Construction for Forest City Ratner, explains that the roof trusses were not designed to hold the green roof so a “whole new roof structure was installed.”

In addition, the four varieties seed panels were grown in Connecticut starting a year ago, shipped in shrink-wrapped pallets to the site. SHoP Architects, who designed the arena, has also determined the pattern of the green roof, similar to that of the pavement which will accentuate the pattern of the building itself.

The green roof will be completed this fall, consisting of 35,000 panels of low maintenance vegetation.

Next, check out the large scale photographs of the NYC subway in 1966 that were on display in the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center subway station.