1. Doyers Street

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Doyers Street, one of the oldest and most unusual streets in all of Manhattan. It is one of only a handful in the entire city that curves, a testament to its age and longevity. Its history, however, is less than savory, to the point where it was colloquially known as the “Bloody Angle,” to the surprisingly large amount of people and so-called hatchet men who died in the streets, more than any other intersection in Manhattan. Today, it enjoys a far quieter ambiance, as hardly any cars use it due to other, quicker surrounding roads.

The first Chinese theater in the city was also built on Doyers in the late 19th century and the oldest continuously run dim sum joint, Nom Wah Tea Parlor is here.  As a sign of the changing times, two hidden speakeasies operate on this street–Apotheke and Pulqueria, but you can still enter one of the tunnels that enabled gang escapes at the turn of the century.

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