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Amid the hustle and bustle of New York’s Lower East Side is a marketplace on Essex Street with a bustle of its own. The 75-year-old Essex Street Market was built in the height of the 1940s by Fiorello Laguardia to clear away the streets and sidewalks that had become crowded with vendors and merchants. Today, it is a crossroads of history and culture, comprising a diverse array of stands, shops, and restaurants.

Here are our top eight picks for the best food available at the Essex Street Market.

8. Luis Meat Market

Essex Street Market top 8 food finds-NYC-Untapped Cities-Jinwoo Chong-6

The butchers at Luis Meat Market offer a wide selection of pre-cut or cut-to-order meats from beef and chicken to pork, lamb, rabbit, goat, duck, oxtails and ham. Be sure to ask about their daily specials. The stand itself was founded by owner Luis Rodriguez, who came from an immigrant family that settled in and around Greenwich Village like most of the Essex Street Market’s other tenants. Found at booth 8.

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One thought on “The 8 Best Food Finds at NYC’s Historic Essex Street Market

  1. BEST MARKET. Unfortunately, New York City Economic Development is about to destroy the market and Mayor Deblasio’s office is silent about it. The market survives by the current vendors. The city EDC is suppose to help market and promote the market and has failed to do this for many years. The turnover at the agency is rapid, and the hiring is all political appointees with no knowledge when it comes to food markets or quality food.

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