While Bushwick may be more known for its open air street art thanks to the work of the Bushwick Colletive, art galleries are also experiencing a renaissance, forming an integral part of the community in this Brooklyn neighborhood. Like the artists and their work, each space is unique in terms of its exhibits, programming, and overall experience. Here are three to check out during Bushwick Open Studios this weekend, which begins Friday June 5th.



Artists, galleristes, and collectors–the name ART 3 is the synergy between these 3 principal elements that create a gallery. The space represents living artists and seeks to provide a friendly experience of sharing and collaboration. The gallery was started over a year ago on May 17 and Senior Gallery Director & Gallery Manager Silas Shabelewska has 15 years of experience working for leading art galleries in New York. ART 3 offers “a wide range of Contemporary Art by emerging and mid-career artists to provide collectors with the best opportunity to build their art collection.”

Exhibits typically last for a period of 6 weeks and the current one Bestiary features Dan Bainbridge through June 28—mixed-media objects, assemblages, collages, connect the viewer without bounds to imaginative creatures of materiality. This solo exhibit will be on view during Bushwick Open Studios Friday-Sunday, June 5-7 from 12-8PM.

On Saturday, June 13 from 6-7PM there will be a live performance by Dan beginning at 6:30PM sharp. The space is closed July and August, but opens again for two shows in the fall. Look out for future artist talks and performances.

109 Ingraham St., Suite 102
Brooklyn NY 11237

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 12-6PM, Sunday: 1-5PM, and by appointment

Exit Room NY



An art and cultural space, entering Exit Room NY is a unique and immersive experience each time. The uncanny character of the building allows the visitor to connect with the event through music, performances, and art on display. Protruding from the gallery is The Wick–a live music venue with stage and The Well–a public house, local bar with outdoor patio all in the former Hittleman Brewery. The patio features a large open area surrounded by painted walls.

Founded in 2008 by Daniela Croci and Dariel MTZ, Exit Room NY tries to “give visibility to artists that are awesome” in a building that is “nostalgically New York.” Daniela who grew up in Europe and is a videographer, visualizes events and upcoming performances together. There’s stop motion, fine art, street art, interaction, and dancing.

On June 5 – 6 during Bushwick Open Studios, Exit Room NY is presenting Juguetería/Toys Warehouse. This is the first solo show of Studio Sweet Home, two artists from Colombia and Puerto Rico, Yeimi Salazar and Melvin Sanchez.

Then Juicy Art Fest will take place again in 2016.

Exit Room NY
270 Meserole St.
Brooklyn NY 11206




Founded a year ago, Sugarlift sells art directly through an online shop and offline. Their mission is ‘to connect a new generation of artists and art collectors’.

Co-founder Wright Harvey shared, “Our loftier goal…is to build a sustainable and supportive relationship between artist and collectors of our generation. If we as a generation support artists we love by purchasing their work, it allows them to afford more studio time and the ability to create more of the work we love. It also allows them to evolve their style into new and interesting directions. The grand vision is to influence in a positive way the artistic legacy of our generation.”

The founders Wright Harvey who studied studio art at the University of Virginia and Bart Piela who studied philosophy at Columbia University decided to combine efforts to help support artists and engage younger collectors to buy true art at affordable prices. Wright added, “Everything we create in the arts (or science, politics, literature) builds upon what came before us, and understanding that is essential to produce the best quality artwork.”

Experience a wide range of events from art, beer and cheese tastings to live collage-making parties to limited collection launches.

On June 6 from 12-5PM Sugarlift will be throwing a party during Bushwick Open Studios. Guests will see live wall mural painting by the best neighborhood street artists, and if you buy tickets at their site you can access the rooftop BBQ sponsored by Arrogant Swine and drinks by Sixpoint Brewery.

Stay tuned for future events that engage collectors and allow them to better understand the story behind the artwork they love.

200 Morgan Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11237

There are many other galleries in Bushwick and neighboring areas in Brooklyn. Explore them all and check out Bushwick Open Studios this upcoming weekend. For a list of current art exhibits check out the Bushwick Galleries Map.