6. There’s a Lost Mosaic Hidden in 5 Bryant Park

art battles-5 bryant park-nyc-untapped cities-001Collaborative street art project comes to the lobby of 5 Bryant Park that is still under construction.

In March 2015, The New York Times reported that a large 1950s-era glass mosaic mural by Max Spivak had been uncovered behind metal panels, added during a previous modernization of the lobby. But within hours of the article publication, the mural was covered by a blue screen.

The author of The New York Times article posted on Facebook, “Hours after my article went online urging the public to see a beautiful, newly uncovered 1950s mosaic mural on West 40th Street, the building owners erected a screen, apparently to prevent anyone from doing so.” Equity Office, the owner and manager of 5 Bryant Park does not plan on destroying the mural, but has said it would be covered up.

5 Bryant Park also welcomed a street art battle during the construction (photo seen above).