8. The First Person To Drive Through It?

Omero Catan is known among the obscurest annals of New York History as Mr. First. He earned the nickname by, quite literally, being the first to a lot of New York’s landmark openings. He was the first, among 500 other notable things, to cross the George Washington Bridge when it opened in 1931, the first to use the 8th avenue subway when itĀ opened the next year, the first to skate in Rockefeller Plaza in 1936, and the first to lead the public through the newly opened Lincoln Tunnel in 1937, parking near Weehawken at 10pm the night before to be sure. Years later, his brother, Michael, was selected to be the first to drive through the Tunnel’s second line in 1945.

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  1. AndrewC999 Reply

    The MS Bike Tour in the fall used to include one route that went through the Lincoln Tunnel. Now it goes through the Holland instead.

  2. mike Dewitt Reply

    First trip to Jersey and nyc and found the lincoln tunel to be simply amazing.

  3. Chief Engineer of design, Ole Singstad. He also designed the Queens Mid-Town Tunnel, Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the 178th and 179th Street tunnels that were used for the GWB before the Lower Roadway was built.

    • Ole Singstad was also the replacement engineer after Holland died before the Holland Tunnel was completed.

  4. Dennis Harper Reply

    I remember the elephants had no trouble walking from the Lincoln tunnel to the Garden. They’re accustomed to being in busy surroundings, besides it was early AM hours. They did have a few cops provide an official escort. It made for interesting news photos for the morning papers.

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