Hobbs Karg Fueled Collective Apple Installation Untapped Cities AFineLyne

First things first, the mock Apple Store at Fueled Collective, an app development firm in Soho, doesn’t quite look like the version above that artist Evan Desmond Yee created off his successful Kickstarter campaign. But it has all the same gadgets and serves a similar purpose: a stinging contemporary on how society is addicted to technology and startup culture. On a visit to this scale-down version in the Fueled Collective headquarters in Soho, you’ll discover these “products” have unexpected names.

Fuel Collective Apple Installation Untapped Cities AFineLyne

In the photo below, the #NoFilters glasses guarantee to let you see the world at your own resolution.

Fuel Collective Apple Project Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Below, the basic #iFlip is an iPhone attention timer using ground iPhones in the hourglass instead of sand.

Evan Desmond Yee Fueled Collective Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Apple Installation by Fueled Collective Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Above is the Nocuous Rift, inspired by Oculus Rift. These, however, are modeled after the do-it-yourself knock-off homemade virtual reality goggles.

Other interesting “products” include iSimilate, with the look and feel of the real iPhone, the APP app (pure aesthetics), and The Pinwheel of Death in the photo below.

Pinwheel of Death Fueled Collective Untapped Cities AFineLyne

The large warehouse-like Fueled Collective offices are shared work space, which are rented out to start-ups in a collaborative environment, which puts you right next to your app developers and startup techies as you laugh or bemoan your way from the various Pinwheels of Death to the WeSync.

Offices of Fueled Collective on Broadway Untapped Cities AFineLyne

The mock Apple store installation is on view until mid-September, or you can explore the version first created by Yee online, on his website that also looks strangely like the Apple website. Fueled Collective is located at 568 Broadway, 11th floor, near Prince Street. Be sure to bring a government issued ID to enter the building. Hours are from 10 am to 6 pm.

Fueled Collective offices Broadway Soho Untapped Cities AFineLyne

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