7. Tianjin Homemade Dumplings, Main Street, Flushing

Steamed Dumplings at Tianjin Homemade Dumplings, (12 for $4)

4128 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355 [Map]

Tianjin Homemade Dumplings is located in the main hallway of the Golden Mall in Flushing, our absolute favorite subterranean food court in the city (though The New World Mall’s is pretty great too). For the wary, you can at least see with your own eyes the dumplings being made in front of you.

Pros: Tianjin boasts the greatest selection of dumpling flavors and ingredients on the whole list by a long shot. The pork dumplings with dill and the lamb dumplings with green squash are especially interesting. These are probably the best dumplings in New York right now.

Cons: The secret is out on The Golden Mall, and prices are rising as a result. Tianjin’s full menu was once full of “$4 for 12” dumpling deals, but those days are mostly over. Still, you’ll walk out far south of $10, so don’t let it deter you.