Pope Francis Mural-Madison Square Garden-Penn Station-34th Street-8th Avenue-Van Hecht-Nielsen-Diocese of Brooklyn-NYC

On September 24th and 25th, Pope Francis will make his first visit to New York City on his first trip to the United States. Though the oft-liberal pope has had his reservations about America, that does not seem to have stopped pope-fever from hitting the city. Here are 9 ways to catch a glimpse of the pope in New York City this month:

1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, a church with a storied history and many secrets, will be Pope Francis’ first stop when he arrives in New York City on September 24th. He will join the evening prayer in an event only open to the clergy of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, but he has to get into the building somehow which will inevitably mean there will be crowds out front. Maybe the pope can help the city locate the lost cornerstone of St. Patrick’s! And in time for the visit will also be the completion of the cathedral’s three-year renovation.