8. Allen Ginsberg: Many Addresses

 206 East 7th Street apartment of Allen Ginsberg

It’s nearly impossible to record all of this Beat generation poet’s New York City residences – the guy moved around a lot. In fact, in 2013 there were entire walking tours of the various places he lived.

According to the description of these walking tours, Ginsberg lived in the East Village for 40 years after graduating from Columbia University. At Washington Square Park, Ginsberg would sometimes give poetry readings.

In 1951, he spent $2.00 per night at Mills House on 160 Bleecker Street, and for the next two years he lived with fellow Beat writer William S. Burroughs at 206 East Seventh Street. Ginsberg lived with his partner, Peter Orlovsky, from 1954 until his death. Their homes included apartments at 170 East Second Street, 704 East Fifth Street, 408 East Tenth Street, and 437 East Twelfth Street. His last apartment was at 404 East Fourteenth Street.

You can read more about his homes here.

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