5. There’s a Wall of Autographs in the Apollo

The Wall of Signatures Apollo Theater Harlem Untapped Cities AFineLyne

The Wall of Signatures was started by the stage crew in 1989, and can be found just off stage right. Hundreds of major stars have signed the wall. It is covered from top to bottom with names like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog, P. Diddy, John Legend, LeBron James (that one is way up high), and even the signatures of President and Mrs. Obama. Those are the names we found while walking up the steps to the dressing rooms.

Back Stage at Apollo Theater Harlem Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Beyond the Wall of Signatures, you will pass by all the electronic gear that keeps the stage humming. You are now on stage right, in full view of the Tree of Hope, and the audience beyond.