Photo from Library of Congress

In 2015, we hosted over 10 sold-out experiences of the original Untapped Cities-developed tour, The Remnants of Penn Station in partnership with The Eternal Space, a play about an untold story of the destruction of New York City’s famous transportation hub. Led by Justin Rivers, playwright of The Eternal Space, the tour covers the past, present and future plans for Penn Station, accompanying a hunt for the numerous remaining pieces of the grand McKim, Mead & White station that are hidden in plain sight. Our 2016 tour comes with new remnant discoveries and a special reproduction ticket for each guest of the first commuter ride into Penn Station on September 2nd, 1910, months before the public opening.
Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station

The tour also weaves in moments from the play, which features over 1,000 never before published photographs of the station by renown photographers Norman McGrath, Peter Moore, and Aaron Rose, along with the work of railroad aficionados Alexander Hatos, an employee of Pennsylvania Railroad and Ron Ziel, a railroad historian.

Remnants of Penn Station Tour-LIRR-First Inspection Car Ticket-Commuter Ride-NYC

Please join us for an upcoming Remnants of Penn Station tour and discover our other behind the scenes Untapped Cities tours.