Untapped Cities Foursquare Brand Page
We’re excited to announce our new partnership with the neighborhood discovery app, Foursquare. We’ve been creating popular lists on Foursquare for several years now, with our lists saved by some of the app’s 50 million users over 48,000 times. Some of the most popular include our Abandoned New York City list and our NYC Hidden Bars and Restaurants list. In recent weeks, the Foursquare team has been updating our popular lists and adding new ones, like In Tribute: 5 Iconic David Bowie NYC Places and 14 of NYC’s One Food Wonders.
Foursquare-Screenshot-Untapped Cities App-NYC

If you’re following Untapped Cities on Foursquare, when you have the app installed on your phone, our tips and “untapped” locations will pop up when you’re around them on the go. We recently went on a Foursquare organized tour of Gowanus and discovered a lot of cool spots – the team, based in New York City, is tuned in! Download the Foursquare app for iPhone or Android here and stay tuned for new lists and updates.